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His Silky Heaven by Nightmaria His Silky Heaven by Nightmaria
An entry for the Seventh Sanctum Anime contest.

Generator result: His Silky Heaven

Title: His Silky Heaven

Year made: 2009 - current.

"His Silky Heaven" was dreamed up when its creator had sketched out a glasses type girl character on a napkin while sitting outside a cafe that directly faced a hair salon. The idea of an intellectual girl without any skills in style or the hair product industry being forced to run a salon quickly snowballed into a crazy romantic comedy manga series, and from there into an anime. The character of Tenma was based loosely on the concept of a wish granting genie and more heavily on the white knight archetype, that will defend all that he cherishes with his life-- once he figures out what he cherishes most that is.

Summary: Satomi Shimizu has just graduated from college-- but there's still one more test! According to tradition, all members of the rich and powerful Shimizu family must run a business of their own, without any help from the family, for one whole year, or they're written out of their parents' will and lose all rights to be involved with any of the family companies or industries. The business is selected for each person according to their strength and weaknesses, so as to be given the best possible chance to succeed. But thanks to a dirty trick by her brother, Stoma ends up with his test business, a hair salon! Satomi is intelligent, but far from understanding why people care so much about their looks, and her first day on the job ends in disaster as all of her clients and staff walk out. All seems lost to poor Satomi, until a handsome stranger walks in and claims he heard her heart's wish...

The hit anime series is now offered as a boxset! With your Pre-order of His Silky Heaven, you also get the two hour special, never before aired in English, absolutely free!

Main Characters.

Satomi Shimizu: A sweet and intelligent young woman, who prefers to see the inner beauty of a person rather than what's on the outside. Her skills are mainly related to management and accounting, though she is unusually gifted in being able to tell what kind of tea a particular blend is by taste. She's also a decent cook, preferring to make her own simple meals of rice and vegetables or noodles rather than getting take out... though she does have a taste for sweets and generally finds them irresistible. On the whole, she's quite inept at anything related to the fashion world, and finds it unnecessary.

Tenma Ishikawa: An agent from the Tenchi agency, and a recent graduate from their academy. Top of his class in wish granting Tenma is quite adept at his job, though at times still prone to mishaps in magic when he's sorely distracted, he handles most situations with finesse and a professionally cool head. Until he meets Satomi... He quickly finds his professional lines blurring when he realizes she's captured his own heart.

Special DVD Features: Character art gallery, concept art, and special two hour episode.

"His Little Cherry Blossom" -- His Silky Heaven special.

Special episode summary: Spring time means two things to Satomi, cherry blossoms and picnicking, and she's thrilled to have Tenma around to keep her company during her year away from her family. But, what's this? Tenma becoming cold and distant? Another Tenshi agent showing up? With the threat of losing Tenma forever unless she agrees to an eternal contract, Satomi is forced to consider what it is her that heart truly wished for.


Painter Pens, Oils, and Airbrushes.
SilithDark Featured By Owner Apr 19, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
I like the detail and work you put into the storyline.
LegendaryAura2 Featured By Owner Apr 16, 2010
Epic picture! I rather like this, I hope you place.^^
Nightmaria Featured By Owner Apr 16, 2010  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks. :)
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